Thursday, December 31, 2009

You lay down with dogs, you wake up with......

dogs we have
now add fleas
too many it seems
running and playing
sleeping eating
it started
itch scratch

first time it
30 years or more
odds were right
where did it
come from

wash and comb
spray and clean
inside and out
bomb the house
coming up next

do the yard
bottle and hose
on the attack
end the scourge

bite or be bitten

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wall Of Water

ideal setting
coastal town
postcard perfect
sunny day
blue skies
crowded beaches
busy time
paradise for some

ominous signs
water recedes
like never before
beach quickly grows
out further and further
sea shells
fish flopping
children playing
men and women
gaze and wonder
all is quiet

somewhere deep
in the bowels
of ocean
earthquake strikes
land shifts
water gathers
hurtling forward
tremendous speed
hundreds of miles
an hour
unaware disaster
on horizon

a cry
from lips
water rising
ever higher
ocean wall
monster heights
angry god
lashing out
inland racing
gathering all
before it
smothering life
objects ravenous
all succumb
draws out to sea

left behind
survivors cry
stunned once more
ocean releases
flotsam and jetsam
only signs
of happening before
tsunami by name
destructive force
time heals all
nature like crouching
tiger in ambush
waiting waiting
once more

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The Storm That Wouldn't End

oh my
TV showed it
bearing down
at us
hundreds of miles
sea angry
flaunting power
warning run
for your life

slow to react
this too will pass
not to be
nature to test
manmade barriers

not to be
denied this time
pounding surf
spilling over
first trickling
then gushing
first here
then here
panic in streets
level rising
streets flooding
run upward
on to the roof
higher it came
old young sick
dying no help
is coming
the great flood
not a story
is now
oh why me
home a trap
for some
tired gasp
resigned to fate

hands reaching
out too late
crying wailing
nature stuck back
one rule only
nature wins

a lesson
to be learned
name to remember
history will show
Katrina was her name

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Thought

the day arrives
long wait over

downside though
felt by many
feeling blue
empty feeling

one day
does not
make a year
happiness squeezed
24 hours

gifts are nice
feelings shared
a kind word
best gift
of all

to be loved
to love someone
all year round
best gift of all

Friday, December 11, 2009

Morning Mists

early morning
darkness covered
sitting waiting
for the sun
to start the

time passes
but darkness holds
its grip on the night
wondering the cause
outside ventured

fog had settled
blocking the light
like a fairy tale dream
visible objects peeking
shrouded by mist
clouding the vision
erie feeling
another time perhaps

silence of the birds
as they waited
for their day
to begin
to forage for daily

heat of the day
brings a sigh
of relief
songs of nature
awake as one

all is well
once more

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bad Internet Neigbors

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

next to you
besides you
to the eye

what they do
what they say
looking peeking
nosy ones

bad intentions
hurtful spiteful
someone you know
maybe you don't

why do they do it
only they know
makes one shudder
can cause pain
concern for love ones

Internet can be
fun learning
social gathering
but a dark side
but like batman's
what side
is showing

firewalls up
brace for attack
that one hopes
never comes

Monday, December 7, 2009

3 Billion Go To Bed Hungry, 3 Billion Go To Bed Looking For Love

Saturday, June 6, 2009

to have love
to lose love
like grasping at the fog
to find a kindered spirit
out of reach
out of mind

the comfort of years later
never to be shared
the laughter
the cries
footpath for two
walked as one

words can be hollow
when they can't be heard
words dance in your head
somebody's love song
better than yours

what is meant to be
no truer words
heavy heart to be lighter
journey without end
hand in hand
what is meant to be

War, what is it good for?

Friday, June 12, 2009

century of claims
arguments galore
what's mine is mine
what's yours is mine

better than you
our blood is pure
like fine wine
your ancestry in question
your peasant lines

god is against you
guiding light
convert by sword
or perish and die

contrived destruction
reason unknown
someone makes money
young men die

for or against us
no middle ground
whatever the reason
will start the war

stir up the blood
in a faraway land
too many bullets
find the mark

letter sent home
our regrets are many
your son has died
a brave solider he
cries of the mother
anguish of dad

coffin is lowered
taps is played
draped flag is folded
triangle in size
gunshots ring in the air
21 in all
a tribute to the fallen

won't be the last
many to follow
always the young
always to young

Look In The Mirror, What Do See?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

so many failures
whom to blame
the fault of someone else
didn't try that hard
couldn't make it that way

must be the foreign ones
causing all the troubles
taking all the jobs
we don't do anyway

they have a dream
the American way
streets paved with gold
effort to succeed
will is determined
failure not an option
many are counting
on the shoulders of success
lifting all the others

generations of trying
have not lost their way
ones that are born here
elders soon forgotten
crossed the seas
with dreams of their own

heritage to be remembered
fought and died for
best stuff on earth
people that try
don't blame others
get up and go
make us proud
once again.

Things That Go Boom

Saturday, June 13, 2009

little boy
we did it first
the guiltless must die
asleep in their homes
angel of death

from skyward they fell
unknowing direction
kill or be killed
end the war
list is short
stop at two

120 k
died right away
generations to follow
bodies deformed
lineage uncertain

we tell others
do as we say
not as we did
we set the rules
others to follow

cat in the hat
out of the bag
pandora's box
is now open
door won't close
can't be undone

clubs knives
swords guns
cannon bullets
all kill more
race is on
winner loses
losers we all

many want might
scare the neighbors
bully pulpit
new fight
old fight
same old thing
lives in the balance
decision not theirs
self destruction
mass destruction

where will it end
no one knows
life as we know it
to be nevermore
the raven knew
he isn't telling
madman rule
the end of our time
is coming

Baby I'm Amazed

Sunday, June 14, 2009

recently awoke
music of youth
fab four
john paul
george ringo
played so much
tired of it all

forgotten lyrics
told a story
concept album
words meant
much to us
back then
another time

sullivan said
they are beatles
crying girls
hairstyle change
wear it long
pointy shoes
parents panic
what happened
rock and roll
changed forever

years have past
we now parents
elevator music
of favorite tunes
video wake up
stir the blood
this stuff is good

tickled the senses
rigby and 64
hold my hand
mystery so magical
sgt pepper too
paul is dead
music backward
was it said
I am the walrus
what does it mean
egg man baby
I'm amazed
golden medley
ticket to ride
michelle my belle
twist and shout
on my submarine

white album double
revolver rubber soul
to name a few
fields of strawberry
does dorthy know
lucy had her diamonds

cartoons in morning
get music fix
they are everywhere
didn't last
sad ending
bite of the apple

on their own
never the same
almost as good
bullet takes one
health on another
guitar gently weeps

here comes the sun
hey jude
hold my hand
always has been
long winding road
still good to me
stirred the soul
let it be

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What Makes A Friend

Monday, June 15, 2009

friends one makes
a new one
an old one
one better
than another

one who listens
one that knows
been there
done that

does not judge
one that does
both are good
both are needed
shoulder to cry
back to pat
what to do
must be done

feelings to share
yours and mine
strong and silent
suffer don't show
peel away pain
salve the wound

cheer on
make one laugh
to the victors
victory personal
won by two

none at all
always been there
first time now
take turns

vulnerable strong
not to judge
but to care
opinion needed
asked given
talk it through
strength in numbers

not alone
never alone
sigh of relief
withdraw the gloom
same sun
different times

ceiling floor
places traded
be there
I for you
you for me

Man's Best Friend

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lying asleep
at the ready
for play
for a scratch
favorite snack
always looking
Lab is he
always trust

no conditions
for love
smartest he knows
out the door
game of fetch
again and again
wagging of tail
his hero

pup no longer
getting older
graybeard now
moving slower
life would give
to the end

noble beast
not to judge
love in eyes

absent from room
not from heart
hug and kiss
family member
better then most
man's best friend

Cruel Intentions

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

written by winner
one would think
better job done
paint rosy picture
instead real

mean to weak
hurt and maim
can't fight back
plead to save
loved ones

women children
because they can

crush the soul
saved by none
swollen belly
desert sands
food missing
drop of water
mother wails
buzzards circle
lonely child

salvation missing
desperate times
why they do
not a right
make docile
kill them all
but a few
kind of life
think is right

millions before
death camps
rise against
try to hope
bugle cry

to the rescue
one must kill
killing to stop

Elections Like Us

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

they had a vote
not quite fair
outcome in doubt
redo redo
fix is in
those in power
to stay in power

rig the outcome
the man wins
hated by many
loser revered
outcry by people
storm the streets
fight for rights

some will die
election is special
don't take away
in the news
democracy in doubt
moral outrage
what country
trample the people
Iran this time
you thought
United States
last time
it was us

Social Networks Oh My!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

lost contact
my space
out of touch
what's it about
I am all
a twitter

don't care
don't need
don't want
not to me
friends from school
not so nice
not needed
class reunion
miss again

real friends
I know and
care for
have my number
all others
what I do
day to day
not important
what I say
even less so

follow celebrities
millions they say
watching and waiting
one wonders for what

new social craze
like school of fish
first this away
then that
change new trend
what for tomorrow
will it end
never it seems
down the rabbit hole

The Manly Art Of Shopping

Friday, June 19, 2009

buy some nuts
and bolts
tools that gleam
promise solution
new pathway
how to man
saw and hammer
noisy stuff
cut and pound
count the fingers

big box store
shines in the sun
everything needed
some to want
build it
they will come
aisles and aisles
new surprises

can I help you
too proud to ask
directions not needed
list forgotten
size I'm guessing
surprise her he will
in his mind's eye
like in the picture
mortise and tendon
rabbit and biscuit
concrete and mortar
home improvement

wait it's a grill
smell the cooking
the boy's be proud
have a cold one
ice chest full
party started

all a dream
at the store
milk and bread
diapers too
what size
who knows

paper towels
and shampoo
women stuff
one package or two
hates to shop
it's not fun
let her do it
back to his dream
she is the gatherer
he is the hunter
back in the day
he was
the man

Neighborhood Gone

Saturday, June 20, 2009

families lived
the houses in a row
nobody moved
stay forever

school mates
from little
to tall
had the dream
make it big

house was home
factory work
done by all
neat and nice
pride in living
sunday car wash
wax it too
do it again
come Monday

jobs get scarce
bills pile up
all touched
where to turn
bad times coming
we closing sign
all our life
now all gone

move away
leave the house
dreams have died
banker knocks
want it back
no one home
keys on table

path of tears
leads away
family breaks
on their own
no one to care
house on fire
none to save

dust wind
blows down the street
garbage litter
at the curb
once proud people
shuffle away

grandparents warned
could happen
words so true
couldn't be right
end of the world
depression again


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remembered today
thought from Kat
maybe missed
enjoyed for now
did something right
that they care
not just one day
or two

some presents
cards given
one made me laugh
one made me smile
one almost
made me cry

thoughts when young
holding hands
watching out
show them how
teach what I know
hope its enough
bumps and bruise
hugs will fix
help the hurt

try this and that
one plus one
soon they pass
grow on their own
talents hidden
rise to the surface

bigger faster stronger
maybe taller
had a part
in the making

boy friends
girl friends too
some nice
some hurt
learn to trust
deserved ones

smart in school
smart in life
no short cuts
do it right
right thing to do

almost time
leave the nest
holding breath
hand always out
help on the way

can't do it all
tried my best
be dad forever
good times
bad times
be remembered
best times


Pressure Of The Open

Monday, June 22, 2009

game for athletes
no 40 yard dash
strength needed
skills sharpened
how hard can
it be
hitting ball
not moving

make contact
bank it
football blitz

you and the ball
play it
where it lies
you call
cheating none
they will know
all about trust

pro know
mental crumbling
mind not sure
all have shots
must be clear
in the lead
nipping at heels
roar of crowd
here comes hero
be the one

each shot counts
not guaranteed
thursday friday
play good
or go home
slam the trunk

got the lead
its the open
I'm the man
one more shot
all my life
no doubts
sink it
at last

rush of feelings
where is loved one
shaking hands
sign the card
get the check
hoist the trophy
how it feels
winner at last

Season Doldrums

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

dog days of summer
named after star
sirius I am
summer soltice
hot times
no relief
in sight
only inside
crank ac
bill cranks too

sweat dripping
pool beckons
chores pushed aside
sound of waterfall
soothe the soul
sounds and solitude
mixed as one
splash the water
kid again
hot again
need the cold
stop the heat
cool down
bring on the winter

other world
other side
dark winter now
sun hides
and seeks
cold rain
dreary day
spirits dampen
look for light
winter soltice
please come out
and play
wind blows
not nice
collar goes up
shoulders hunch down
soon be over
warm again
bring on summer
warm me up

Ponzi, Madoff, Stafford, Oh My!

Friday, June 26, 2009

the list grows
lived the style
many wish
they could do
same right now
at what cost
not robin hood
robbed from poor
give to them
king of cons
make believe

know not right
not to care
greed the fuel
sucker born
every minute
get out
before shoe drops
house of cards
must fall
wears no clothes

blind eye
who gets hurt
best intentions
not smart
wise ones fail
brag to others
biggest chumps
they laugh
gullible sheep
flock to slaughter

how why
they do it
know in heart
will fail
in time
prison calls
convince themselves
its ok
biilions born
billions die
their name
in history
no benifit
for mankind
money money
do no harm
forgot golden rule

They Die In Three's

Friday, June 26, 2009

why does it seem
famous ones
die in one
two three

knew his abc's
six he started
world renown
moon walk
dance a thriller
what did happen
did they say
bad things done
in never neverland
be like elvis
the doctor say

talented angel
farrah poster
hair style
smile to dazzle
charlie said
get them girls
bosley you drive
time passes
acting better
burning bed
long time
big c
now no more

perfect sidekick
so many years
har har har
almost on cue
johnny is here
tonight after
night pitchman
ed better known
banana the 2nd
alpo and bud
sold them all
did that best
searching for stars
fall on neck
hard times here
time to go

famous they are
watch what they do
part of family
was their time
who is next

What is True Love

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

something that touches
your heart
framed in ways
shared emotions
looked at
caring for one
soul mate
kindred spirits
locked in step
meant to be
long time
or scarred
willing to try
hand reaching
out for other
be there
for me
will give my
to be loved
once again

The Day The Earth Said Enough

Thursday, July 2, 2009

banned in USA
sell it elsewhere
it kills
don't tell

take the fish
empty the oceans
don't replenish
it kills
don't tell

make the smoke
burn the fuel
darken the sky
hard to breathe
it kills
don't tell

dump the garbage
taint the water
need to drink
thirst for all
it kills
don't tell

plastics made
miracle product
lives forever
won't go away
it kills
don't tell

down go forests
around the world
would clean the air
help us breathe
it kills
don't tell

animals once roamed
plentiful to see
millions crossed
the plains
now to see
only in zoo
it kills
don't tell

earth is tired
man the smartest
most evil
most destructive
all will die
earth will purge
start over
nothing for children
we have killed
please tell all
stop now

Terror In The Skies?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

plane travel
safety first
pilots trained
many hours
always working
best way
safest way
to travel
fastest too

why do we yell
why do we cry
crashes happen
metal fails
pilot tires
tire blows
birds hit
engine fails
terror in the sky
300 plus die
hue and cry
how could it happen
size does matter
large group
all at once
you have
no control

people die
cars every day
every year
in the states
41,000 dead
a year
113 a day
no maintenance
bad tires
no brakes
cell phone
eating reading
kids crying
change lanes
not looking
test taken
license given
on your own
your in control

which is safer
terror in the skies
or on the way
to the store

you decide

It's Just A Habit

Thursday, September 10, 2009

do you ever
why we do
what we do

somethings taught
somethings learned

button up
your shirt
by buttoning

what pant leg
right than left

right sock
left sock
then shoes

cutting grass
turn right

turn TV on
favorite channel

radio on
push that button

order a drink
what will it be

favorite group
listen forever

makes you happy
makes you sad

do you ever
why you do
what you do

It's Only Rock and Roll, But I Like It!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

rock and roll
what a time
to be at
the beginning
english invasion
fab four
hand holding

stones never
byrds eight miles high
cream room is white
hermits by herman
paul revere
and his raiders
dave clark five
likes it like that
don't monkey
around valerie

animals house
was rising
sky pilots too
purple deep
water smoking
in the garden
of eden
guitar on fire
joplin wailing

go go boots
watusi swim
line dance
beach boys
dream of california
and the good
annette and frankie
itsy bitsy bikini
lust in little
boys heart
sand and surf

don't forget
be a pip
michael plus four
papa was
supremes dinah
boxtops too
super fly
shaft is a bad
mouth shut
stevie was a

super tramp
to the center
chewy nugent
guess who
zepplin turns
a page
halen, tyler
rip and snort
you can see
too many to

gimme shelter
at the beginning
and I like it

The Songwriters and Singers of Yesteryear

Sunday, July 12, 2009

song meant alot
words crafted
told a story
tortured soul
sometimes happy
laid to rest
for all to hear

looks of singer
the effort

sometimes called
from within

eighty eight
used by many
to write
the soul
of the verse
rhyme for a reason
piano holds the keys
no limit

like carole king
james taylor
to name a few
their music
brings me back
to my happy place
or sometimes sad

the good music
will not die
newly discovered
by the young
following increases
what was good then
is good now

Mom, There Is Nothing On TV!

Friday, July 17, 2009

when we were young
only five channels
we would cry
nothing is on

then they added
some more hard
to find
twisting the rabbit
nothing is on

then came cable
promise of much
all for you
fifty channels
nothing is on

buy this package
buy that package
movies galore
nothing is on

bring on the dish
big ones then
little ones
signal from space
soon we know
nothing is on

what do we turn
to when we
shows from days
gone by
the shows we
when we were young
when nothing was on

Say, Was That Lightning? Phfft!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

storm clouds roll
darkness falls
sky flashing
nature active
once again

fireworks are here
way too close
powerful sight
war of worlds
striking buildings
maybe people
lightning capital
wonder why
duck and run
sitting target

goes on for
so surreal
sky power
harness the energy
one after another
can strike
from distance
ten miles away
sometimes up
most times down

remember as child
sitting on porch
watch and marvel
nocturnal celebration
each one different
each one the same
need to wonder

on golf course
weather always fine
get the shot in
ignore danger

maybe grownup
childlike fascination
lights in the sky

Someone Believes

Thursday, July 23, 2009

someone believes
hidden stars
walk among us
talent special
some do know
all along

always gets chuckles
bad hair
funny dress
frumpy suit
cap backwards
too small
too young
too old

judges smirk
maybe laugh
poking fun
eyebrows raised
sideways glance
get it on
get it over with
snickers from
the crowd

singer starts
total surprise
quiet panelists
audience listens
caught up
in the moment
roar from crowd
standing ovation
could be the

someone believes

RJ Hears A Who

Thursday, July 23, 2009

just think
a moment
all we know
all we see
unknown worlds
unknown universe
maybe more

what if it's
all a spec of
things so vast
no comprehension
of it all

does it matter
what we say
what we learn
how we treat
one another

why so mean
why so cruel
why so nice
to one another

it all matters
you knew that
the flap of
a butterflies wings
can move the winds
around the world

it stirs
the imagination
brain hurts
thinking so hard
nature has cycles
why not this
expansion stops
come back together
start again
big bang
we are unique
not the best

be kind when
you can
do the right
thing because
it's the right
thing to do

a spec of dust
we call home
RJ hears a who

The Hardest Lesson Learned

Friday, July 24, 2009

affairs of the heart
can not be wished
once upon a star

the planets must
align in
the right order

birds must sing
in the same key

bees making honey
never sweeter

sunrise most perfect
sunset brings hope
for more to come

walks by the ocean
two sets of prints
leaving their mark

thoughts to be shared
but never thought

searching the corners
universal emotion
sense of loss
sense of gain

joust at windmills
never give up
not imagined
will come calling

Men And Their Stuff

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

man stuff
women wonder
what is it
needed for
what she wonders
nuts bolts
wire wood

more tools
never ending quest
he cries
hides in man cave
could be room
where he putters

what she wants
he can make
measure measure
saw saw
oops measure again

where is it
left over here
cleaned up said she
look lift under
time wasted
urge fading

yes it is messy
not like TV
all in place

doesn't know how
figure it out
put together
just right

waits for reaction
still waiting
job well done
acknowledged by one
inner self proud

back to tools
able to do
couldn't do without

man needs his stuff

Oh The Joy of Grass Cutting in The Florida Sun!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

a trade off
from Chicago
never a snowflake
snow shovel
never to be seen
push out of snow

can't start
click click
dead battery
stranded again
frozen lock
key won't turn

move away
what could go wrong
land of sun
year round I'm told
no problem

sunny days
lots of rain
one can hear
the grass growing
miss a week
can't see your feet
grass gets tall
never stops
no problem

no problem said I
front yard the show piece
everyone sees
fun to do
no problem

each little section
cut away
lots of sections
sweat a little
edge and trim
maybe some bushes
looking good
sweating some more
no problem

front looking good
almost done
not quite
long side of the house
both to be done
wanted lots of land
no problem

sweating hard
getting hotter
big back yard
slopes down to the water
one huge big monster
yard to be done
no problem

pushing my mower
dreaming now
a riding mower
what a treat
wake up
keep cutting
shirt soaked
sweat in eyes
no problem

need water
looking at pool
can't stop yet
it calls me
getting closer
who can I get to finish
no one
no problem

finally done
it looks good
cut up some melon
honeydo this time
reward one's self
jump in pool
never stop cutting
no problem

and time for a nap!

Don't Wait, Say It Now

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

someone dies
people gather
some cry
some talk
some wonder
too soon
too late

much done
much to do
full of promise
promise unfullfilled
what happened
what went wrong

he she
never looked better
never liked
never loved
don't care
no longer

people talk
say nice things
very nice

to the point
say good things
don't wait
getting older
send a card
make a visit
let them know
you care

will miss
touched your life
don't let them miss
out on thoughts
you could
go first

Winter is Coming

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

days getting shorter
nights getting longer
a bit of coolness
starts to drift
in from the night

kids back in school
sports scene
turns over
winter thoughts
come upon us

holidays rush to
meet us
swiftly changing
with the seasons

does age make
it faster
as time marches on

people stop grilling
beaches close
pools shut down
list of to do
things to be done
getting ready

coldness brings aches
months will be many
before it is sunny
darkness changes
happiness is fleeting

somwhere it is warm
fun in the sun
life is a joy
but now the wind howls
cold fingers searching
looking for openings

places have snow
flakes are special
but not all at once
trudging through
upward and onward
getting through it all

but as the world turns
and changes
so do the seasons
and soon the warmth
will return again

but as one gets older
time crawls for the
good times to get here
and speeds up the bad

one day at a time
may be all we have left

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Night Time Skies

Thursday, September 17, 2009

early morning rise
stepping outside
gather up the paper
glancing up
at the sky

not a cloud
to cover
the star studded
someone had mixed
a bucket of
sparkles and tossed
upward picturesque
against the black
ink of nothingness

like twinkling
christmas lights
some bright
others not
quite beautiful
thousands to see

what did the ancient ones
wonder as they sought
to reach and touch
beyond their grasp

always there
always changing
with the seasons
after all these
years still amazes
the beauty of nature

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All Alone, Not Really

Monday, September 28, 2009

all alone
not really
trials and
we all go

life will test
first and then
give the answers

seems unfair
what we go through
the pains the hurt
only me only you

put up walls
to protect
don't keep out
only keep in

love hate
different degrees
can't tell one
from another
no scorecard
to show sides

what doesn't kill
makes stronger
but a thousand
cuts will do
the same

people around
the world
goes through
the same
not alone
different stories
same endings
omg me too

love car house
family interest
angst rejection
find someone
lose someone

all alone
not really

Friends Everywhere

Friday, October 23, 2009

bloggers unite
seems strange
but true
all kinds
different problems
people care

compassion from most
caring giving
welcomed by one
good to see
be part of
something special
many thoughts
channel to one

much good
can be done
be in the shoes
of someone else
hope when it
is your turn

they will be there
for you

Invisible Man

Sunday, October 25, 2009

there are days
a wake up call
things to be enjoyed
not going well

a self awareness
of ones self
outside looking in
as others see

female gender
casual encounter
being polite
no hint of
ego takes hit
confidence ebbs

sometimes it
can't shake it off
reaching the age
of invisibility

the feeling of alone
in a crowded room
this will pass
not unique
in this feeling

but when senses
perception is reality
down day will go away
bluster of salesman
will hide insecurity
once more
and understand
the invisible man

Thoughts of a Lifetime

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

time marches on
chance to reflect
where did it go

building blocks
by others
path taken
not chosen by self

do as I say
not as I do
over and over
the early years

do not think
outside the box
stay in
the box
creativity not
be like others

some are lucky
why unknown
most likely to
voted by

wrestle with life
finding one's way
not easy
why we do
what we do
random chance
find a skill
hey your good
good enough
it would seem

fruitful endeavor
make yourself happy


All Hail The Mighty Weed!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

when did it start
the love of the lawn
endless sea of green
soft and tender
natures carpet
to frolic upon
roll and play
used as feed
for many an animal
forage for a meal

in rolled in the weed
many shapes and forms
prickly or not
flowered or clinging
ground cover for some
spoiling the greenery
for many

yank pull cut dig
no stopping
the green vermin
stop it now
bring in the pro
a gunfighter of sorts
the weed killer
rode into town
with promises aplenty
worry no more
action it will take
machine or by man
lay down the spray
pellets by some
time and money
watch them die

but wait
like a swamp creature
from the deep
a lawn nightmare returns
jason could admire
a nightmare back
a summer scream uttered
didn't kill us all
badder then before
overcome the weak sister

let nature take its
do what it will
hail the mighty weed
and remember the 60's

grass is for smoking

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunrise Sunset

Thursday, November 12, 2009
the sun slowly rising
creeping upward
ever so slowly
light streaking across
the sky
mingled in with
scattered clouds
bits of pink and orange
playing hide and seek
nature starting its
morning yawn
still a chill
in the air
muffled sounds
of the waves
rolling to the shores
soft cries of the birds
as they search
for their daily food
circling overhead
the sight of a fish
breaking the water
the quiet movement
of people slowly
making way to join others
in a singular way
along the sands
looking forward
to a new day
looking for change
or continuation
of what has been
bestowed upon them
for some
the search goes on

the sun heavy with
a full day behind it
slowly gathering
downward heading
reaching for the horizon
the expectations
of the day
maybe fullfilled
the darkness creeping
from behind
pushing at the colors
of the soon
night time sky
a quiet time begins
birds flutter about
searching for the nest
energy of the day
all but expelled
fish drift off to sleep
to the depths
they call home
some do gather
chairs for sand
drink in hand
slowly settle in
to watch nature's show
a stillness returns
words not uttered
lost in thought
light turns to dark
the cycle to return
the day wish to continue
or the hope for
a new begining

what is your wish

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Christmas Shopping

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

time of year
shopping time
olden days
weather would put
one in the mood
days grow shorter
nights grow longer
had ideas
what to buy
look in wallet
fiances meager

thoughts flittered about
thinking what said
likes and dislikes
many to buy for
what to get

plenty of time
will get to it
shopping at the mall
shuddering at the thought
not man's forte
hunter not gatherer

pressure builds
must get done
how many days
until Christmas

oh my
last day
time gone
time wasted
off to shop
shelves are bare
must buy now
on the run
store to store
one for this one
one for that one
sweating now
clock is ticking
music in background
all a blur
dragging bags
doors close soon
one left to buy for
as see on TV
that will do

that wasn't bad
shopping done
six hours or less
that was fun

wrap the gifts?
oh no!

Death of a Lawnmower

Friday, December 4, 2009
Death of a Lawnmower

never loved
the small metal beast
price was the object
when purchased

gas guzzling
noisy one
pushing and pulling
difficult task
when grass is high

inadequate in size
for the task in hand
in the hot Florida son

gasping today
when starting the journey
sputtering and coughing
blade damaged and dull
engine sighing
enough it said

with a gleam
in my eye
I shut it down
dragging it behind
scrapheap time

rain started to fall
a fitting way
to end the day
something shiny
and new
to the rescue

a call went out
replace it we must
scour the stores
currycomb the countrysides

what will it be
what will it be


Finally, Is It, Cough, Time, To Stop Smoking

Friday, June 12, 2009
Finally, Is It, Cough, Time, To Stop Smoking?

watching when little
on the big screen
larger than life
macho men
pretty women
a spark then a light
smoke from the lips
one likes to be
just like the heroes
want to be like him

cowboys on the range
ruggedly handsome
the wild west vision
horses and cattle
night time glow
almost perfect
want to be like him

puff on the pipe
by jove I've got it
the game is a foot
come watson
want to be like him

school years beckon
all grown up
james dean look
one hangs from the lip
be like your friends
want to be like him

Bogart black and white
hat and raincoat
in the shadows
roll your own
tug on the ear
oh so rugged
want to be like him

people are dying
holes in throat
lungs are blackened
can't breathe anymore
gasping for air
all a lie
image was built
cartoon and macho
trick them all
hook the children
replace the dying
tough to look cool
when you lay so still
not to be like him

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Llink Within

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