Thursday, January 28, 2010

When the Earth Moved

a day like
any other
preparing evening
meal for all
change quickly
first rattle
sense uneasiness
feeling spread
sense of doom

unable to stand
walls shaking
flying through air
goods from walls
run they screamed
outside now
knocked to ground
crawling to door
who made it out
not me

walls collapsed
ceiling soon followed
weight of the world
no feeling in legs
unable to breathe
crushed below
gasping last breath
how quickly it ends
no goodbyes
no hug
no kiss
no last words
no time to say
love you

walking down hallway
fancy place in town
best place to stay
columns in place
sandy soil
short cuts taken
building heaves
earth shakes
snap crackle
foundation buckle
like a pancake
floor on top
of floor
collapse as one
no time to scream

stagger into street
people crying
babies wander
blood washes roads
running running
after shock
again again
no end
why why
help me
all cry as one

no more
water gone
food gone
bodies waste
help us
no one cares
world unites
rally to help
docks gone
airport gone
roads gone
help on way

looking searching
pull back rubble
dog sniffs
cry is heard
baby brought out
cheer goes up
one is saved

pits are dug
deep and wide
bodies stacked
thousands now
pushed in covered
buried unknown

recovery begins
once again
slow and painful
how do you
take away
from people
who have

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Private Dancer

This poem is dedicated to Christine Macdonald whose life story inspired theses words.

together with friends
sometimes alone
he visits the building
holds promises
visions of beauty
his all alone

pay at the door
cover they say
begrudgingly one does
boom of the bass
quickens his pulse
familiar song
favorite tune
sets the mood
unsaid by burly
look don't touch

wanders in
darkened room
lights from stage
focal point
eyes adjust
drink is brought
table sought
eyes search
for the one

makes him feel good
warm inside
at what cost
he has
always the same
game is on
pretend she cares
all is revealed
all that she has
enticing enchanting
moth to a flame
drawn he is
morning after
alone again
head pounding
wallet empty
vows never ever
will be back

started young
legal she was
pushing drinks
wondering would
she could she
money an issue
week to week
pick the path
devil in details
if only for awhile
keep it business
not personal

made her debut
a night
to remember
soon to forget
three song set
tips would come
tried to act
done before
screw up courage
dance like others
finished with money
good job honey
cruise the tables
mine them for more
lap or table
make them pay

too many married
made her wonder
another transaction
business deal
a guy comes in
asking for her
laughter dance
money exchanges hands
she is gone
for someone else

how long
can this go on
just to get ahead
always tired
energy needed
do a line
forbidden fruit
not so young
time passes by

change ones life
what to do
income different
can't survive
time to move on
younger ones
alway at the door
ones self critical
still pretty maybe
always tired
long for more

no white knight
none to rescue
not looking
personal choice
whats it gonna be
tina said it right
dance while looking
at the wall

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Desperate Times


reading local newspaper
things are getting
bad to worse
marti forman she wrote
"beaten down people

hot tired lost
hopeless poor
unemployed sick
elderly confused
tired keep coming
food bank
overwhelmed scared
very scared"

recovery from
economic ills
slow to come
good times
for many
gone forever

houses gone
cars gone
work gone
loved ones



TV people
read reports
economy recovering
companies post profits
how they wonder
cut costs
cut jobs
cut people
sense of purpose

someone somewhere
needs help
don't look away
how can I
help you today

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold and Alone

seen unseen
know they exist
forgotten ignored
huddled as one
dampness soaking
into the bones
chilling the soul
what needed more
warmth or food

hide in shadows
break from the wind
cars drive bye
people walk by
avert ones gaze
not be seen
constant growl
stomach empty

constant shiver
shuffle of feet
blowing of wind
temperature drops
looking for shelter
anywhere will do
pretend to fit in
be a shopper
read a book
please don't look
ask me to leave

hunger cold
constant feeling
will not pass
only purpose
to survive
another day

and wonder

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