Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Touched By The Sun

time of the year                                                                    
warm not hot
gentle breeze
caressing the face

flower petals
open up
drawing on the
of the orb
high in the sky

life giving
to man
or beast

a cleansing
chasing away
all that is
not pure

be like
the tree
for the sky
are good

one with nature
to be

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fallen Soldiers

All that remains
served well
legacy of sacrifice
both survived
both fought well

kill or be killed
grandfather army guy
world war one
never talked
about what
was done
war stories none
heavy drinker
before or after
that is unknown
war to end all wars

kill or be killed
father navy guy
world war two
never talked about 
what was seen
war stories none
heavy drinker
before or after
that is unknown
let's do it again
war to end all wars

bit of cloth
draped on coffin
solemn  occasion
21 gun salute
flag folded gently
handed to widow
tears fall
wails of sorrow
never more

people show up
pay respects
on the world stage
just a number

flag of remembrance
stored in garage
what does it mean
many more to follow
never ending
reasons are many
never rings true

I remember
the ultimate sacrifice
life and death
that is 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Sadness

time of year
time of good cheer
tis the season
of laughter
and joy
it's not for all

something is
it's not for all

shorter days
longer nights
time of sadness
others around
presents to buy
gifts to give
it's not for all

sense of loss
clouds the view
why me
it's not for all

most wonderful time
of the year
said in
a song
it's not for all

why not me

Llink Within

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