Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally, Is It, Cough, Time, To Stop Smoking

Friday, June 12, 2009
Finally, Is It, Cough, Time, To Stop Smoking?

watching when little
on the big screen
larger than life
macho men
pretty women
a spark then a light
smoke from the lips
one likes to be
just like the heroes
want to be like him

cowboys on the range
ruggedly handsome
the wild west vision
horses and cattle
night time glow
almost perfect
want to be like him

puff on the pipe
by jove I've got it
the game is a foot
come watson
want to be like him

school years beckon
all grown up
james dean look
one hangs from the lip
be like your friends
want to be like him

Bogart black and white
hat and raincoat
in the shadows
roll your own
tug on the ear
oh so rugged
want to be like him

people are dying
holes in throat
lungs are blackened
can't breathe anymore
gasping for air
all a lie
image was built
cartoon and macho
trick them all
hook the children
replace the dying
tough to look cool
when you lay so still
not to be like him


Dawn@Lighten Up! said...

wow, RJ - this is really, really good! Loved "want to be like him."
Poetry is really your thing!!

Ray Denzel said...


I think this is the best comment I have received in a really long time. Thanks for making my day so early in the morning!
I am glad you liked it!

Pearl said...

Missed this the first time around, I think. Very visual. I like it!


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