Monday, December 7, 2009

The Manly Art Of Shopping

Friday, June 19, 2009

buy some nuts
and bolts
tools that gleam
promise solution
new pathway
how to man
saw and hammer
noisy stuff
cut and pound
count the fingers

big box store
shines in the sun
everything needed
some to want
build it
they will come
aisles and aisles
new surprises

can I help you
too proud to ask
directions not needed
list forgotten
size I'm guessing
surprise her he will
in his mind's eye
like in the picture
mortise and tendon
rabbit and biscuit
concrete and mortar
home improvement

wait it's a grill
smell the cooking
the boy's be proud
have a cold one
ice chest full
party started

all a dream
at the store
milk and bread
diapers too
what size
who knows

paper towels
and shampoo
women stuff
one package or two
hates to shop
it's not fun
let her do it
back to his dream
she is the gatherer
he is the hunter
back in the day
he was
the man

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