Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh The Joy of Grass Cutting in The Florida Sun!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

a trade off
from Chicago
never a snowflake
snow shovel
never to be seen
push out of snow

can't start
click click
dead battery
stranded again
frozen lock
key won't turn

move away
what could go wrong
land of sun
year round I'm told
no problem

sunny days
lots of rain
one can hear
the grass growing
miss a week
can't see your feet
grass gets tall
never stops
no problem

no problem said I
front yard the show piece
everyone sees
fun to do
no problem

each little section
cut away
lots of sections
sweat a little
edge and trim
maybe some bushes
looking good
sweating some more
no problem

front looking good
almost done
not quite
long side of the house
both to be done
wanted lots of land
no problem

sweating hard
getting hotter
big back yard
slopes down to the water
one huge big monster
yard to be done
no problem

pushing my mower
dreaming now
a riding mower
what a treat
wake up
keep cutting
shirt soaked
sweat in eyes
no problem

need water
looking at pool
can't stop yet
it calls me
getting closer
who can I get to finish
no one
no problem

finally done
it looks good
cut up some melon
honeydo this time
reward one's self
jump in pool
never stop cutting
no problem

and time for a nap!

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