Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Storm That Wouldn't End

oh my
TV showed it
bearing down
at us
hundreds of miles
sea angry
flaunting power
warning run
for your life

slow to react
this too will pass
not to be
nature to test
manmade barriers

not to be
denied this time
pounding surf
spilling over
first trickling
then gushing
first here
then here
panic in streets
level rising
streets flooding
run upward
on to the roof
higher it came
old young sick
dying no help
is coming
the great flood
not a story
is now
oh why me
home a trap
for some
tired gasp
resigned to fate

hands reaching
out too late
crying wailing
nature stuck back
one rule only
nature wins

a lesson
to be learned
name to remember
history will show
Katrina was her name

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