Monday, December 7, 2009

The Day The Earth Said Enough

Thursday, July 2, 2009

banned in USA
sell it elsewhere
it kills
don't tell

take the fish
empty the oceans
don't replenish
it kills
don't tell

make the smoke
burn the fuel
darken the sky
hard to breathe
it kills
don't tell

dump the garbage
taint the water
need to drink
thirst for all
it kills
don't tell

plastics made
miracle product
lives forever
won't go away
it kills
don't tell

down go forests
around the world
would clean the air
help us breathe
it kills
don't tell

animals once roamed
plentiful to see
millions crossed
the plains
now to see
only in zoo
it kills
don't tell

earth is tired
man the smartest
most evil
most destructive
all will die
earth will purge
start over
nothing for children
we have killed
please tell all
stop now

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