Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter is Coming

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

days getting shorter
nights getting longer
a bit of coolness
starts to drift
in from the night

kids back in school
sports scene
turns over
winter thoughts
come upon us

holidays rush to
meet us
swiftly changing
with the seasons

does age make
it faster
as time marches on

people stop grilling
beaches close
pools shut down
list of to do
things to be done
getting ready

coldness brings aches
months will be many
before it is sunny
darkness changes
happiness is fleeting

somwhere it is warm
fun in the sun
life is a joy
but now the wind howls
cold fingers searching
looking for openings

places have snow
flakes are special
but not all at once
trudging through
upward and onward
getting through it all

but as the world turns
and changes
so do the seasons
and soon the warmth
will return again

but as one gets older
time crawls for the
good times to get here
and speeds up the bad

one day at a time
may be all we have left

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