Monday, December 7, 2009


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remembered today
thought from Kat
maybe missed
enjoyed for now
did something right
that they care
not just one day
or two

some presents
cards given
one made me laugh
one made me smile
one almost
made me cry

thoughts when young
holding hands
watching out
show them how
teach what I know
hope its enough
bumps and bruise
hugs will fix
help the hurt

try this and that
one plus one
soon they pass
grow on their own
talents hidden
rise to the surface

bigger faster stronger
maybe taller
had a part
in the making

boy friends
girl friends too
some nice
some hurt
learn to trust
deserved ones

smart in school
smart in life
no short cuts
do it right
right thing to do

almost time
leave the nest
holding breath
hand always out
help on the way

can't do it all
tried my best
be dad forever
good times
bad times
be remembered
best times


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