Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wall Of Water

ideal setting
coastal town
postcard perfect
sunny day
blue skies
crowded beaches
busy time
paradise for some

ominous signs
water recedes
like never before
beach quickly grows
out further and further
sea shells
fish flopping
children playing
men and women
gaze and wonder
all is quiet

somewhere deep
in the bowels
of ocean
earthquake strikes
land shifts
water gathers
hurtling forward
tremendous speed
hundreds of miles
an hour
unaware disaster
on horizon

a cry
from lips
water rising
ever higher
ocean wall
monster heights
angry god
lashing out
inland racing
gathering all
before it
smothering life
objects ravenous
all succumb
draws out to sea

left behind
survivors cry
stunned once more
ocean releases
flotsam and jetsam
only signs
of happening before
tsunami by name
destructive force
time heals all
nature like crouching
tiger in ambush
waiting waiting
once more

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