Monday, March 8, 2010

A Compliment

you write and
you wonder
did it make
the feelings
and emotions that
were felt
at the time

words rush out
some funny
some sad
tell a story
in my own
little way

if it puts you
in the moment
another time
another place
in the shoes
of another

and you like
it too
my reward

my work
is done


T said...

Okay. I connected with this one.

I'm visiting in doses. :)

One thing I notice (not that you should care) when I read poetry, is verb tense. Agreement between subject(s) and verb(s) flowing from
one thought/line to the next.

Consistency. Flowing.

With me?

R. Jacob said...

I know that I don't write the the proper way for poetry. I try to use only three words per line, a rare four sometimes. Sometimes it is a fast pace, words tumble out. I eliminate the smoothness on purpose. I think it works, it does for me. I instinctively know when to stop, rarely do I change anything. The English language and I have a handshake agreement.!

R. Jacob said...

thanks for stopping by

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